Business System Analysis

Indonesia Core provides business and system analysis accompanied by a complete solution of quality and affordable IT information systems. We also provide IT Inventory software that meets the requirements of Customs regulations, corporate website creation services, and information system customization.

Business and System Analysis

We Give You The Right Solution

Indonesia Core looks for weaknesses and shortcomings in your business and then provides the right and complete solutions with quality IT-based information systems and affordable investments.

We provide the following services:

  1. Feasibility study: determine the economic, social, technological feasibility of the system and its suitability for the organization or business
  2. Fact Analysis: measuring the facts found, which is carried out to determine the system specifications needed by the user
  3. measuring the Operational Capability of IT-based systems: measuring the user’s ability to operate the system, recording all the resources needed so that the system can run in your organization or business, and so on.

these services are part of the solutions we offer you to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. without sufficient knowledge about the problems faced, the goals to be achieved, the direction to be directed and the information systems that can support them, and the ability of the resources within your company to adopt the system, your business success will be difficult to achieve.

Detailed Business and System Analysis Analisis

Feasibility study Indonesia Core Feasibility Study services are provided to identify existing problems and opportunities, understand the ultimate goal to be achieved, find alternative solutions, assess various costs and benefits to be achieved, and determine feasibility alternative solutions.the results of the feasibility study can be used to support a decision-making process based on a profit and cost analysis, as well as a way to prevent further wastage of operational funds.

Fact Analysis

Indonesia Core Fact Analysis services are provided to achieve the following objectives: to find the system specifications your business needs so that it can successfully solve existing problems and seize opportunities that arise, and to ensure details IT-based system specifications that users can use in your business.we use a variety of fact finding and analysis techniques to determine the direction your business can take and to calculate the costs and benefits that will be achieved in implementing IT-based systems in your business.

Measuring IT-Based System Operation Capability

This Indonesia Core service is designed to measure the ability of human resources in your business to operate the system, the non-human resources needed, and the readiness of your business to run an IT-based system—