Corporate Web Design

Indonesia Core provides existing website development services as well as new website creation services to introduce your business and highlight your company image to the business world. With a combination of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the development of responsive websites or websites, we are able to provide high quality responsive websites at affordable prices.

Company Website to Improve Your Business Image

Incredible Growth in the Number of Internet Users

The presence of the internet has changed the way we buy and sell products and services, it has also changed the way we seek information and communicate with others, and even affect the way we seek entertainment. The development of the number of internet users is extraordinary. Until 2013, internet users reached 2.4 billion people, of which 44.8 percent were internet users from Asia. Internet users in Indonesia have also reached tens of millions of active users every day.

Web Design Really Affects Your Business Image

a website allows your business to reach a wider consumer market. The increasingly fierce competition between companies makes companies need to increase their presence on the internet so that global consumers know about their business and product quality. In this case, web design is very important for you to pay attention to if you want to create a website or company website that is easily accessible and can display business information and company products well. presentation of company information on the website is an important factor for the success of your website being recognized by search engines Google and the like so that global consumers can know, access it, and digest the information well. Nowadays, it is very important for every website to be well accessible and look perfect on various media ranging from computer, laptop, tablet PC, to mobile phone because the growth of internet access using mobile media will exceed internet access from PC and laptop the next five years.

Entrust Company Website Development to Indonesia Core

Identify Your Business Position and Opportunities on the Internet

The competition between companies is getting tougher and every market is getting more and more contested, so it is necessary to increase the presence on the internet through the company’s website and activities on social media. the presence of a business on the internet makes a greater reach to markets in different parts of the world at ‘no cost’. Indonesia Core provides services to identify your business position on the internet and identify opportunities that your business can achieve by increasing your presence on the internet through a well-designed company website and up-to-date content, and we can helppositioning your business on the internet to make it better and easier for internet users to find.

Our Web Designer Professional Touch

Indonesia Core creates a company website that highlights your image and convinces consumers of the competence, professionalism and quality of your business products or services. Our designers are experienced in combining words, colors, images, and tables well so that the company information message you want to convey can appear in various media perfectly. Your company’s website will also be optimized so that it can appear ahead of various search engines.

Ready-to-Use Responsive Website Design

Indonesia Core provides ready-to-use responsive website designs. These responsive web designs make it easy for users to read websites perfectly without the need to change the screen size or swipe your phone screen or move your computer mouse