Export Import

IndonesiaCore® proposes ready-to-use and high quality Information systems softwares such as IT Inventory Systems for Customs, trainings and supervisions for users to input data of exports and imports, including customs documents and list of imported or exported products.

Export Import Challenges

Exports can mean greater profits, reduced unit costs and more competitive selling prices as global market share increases. Companies exporting goods or services across national frontiers to sell and to realize foreign exchange. Companies import goods and services to supply to the domestic market at a cheaper price and better quality than competing goods manufactured in the domestic market. Companies also import goods and services that are not available in the local market.

Export Import are Parts of Business Logistics

[Monitoring Export Import for the Success of Business Logistic] Business Logistic is the planning process as well as the implementation of efficient and effective storage of raw materials, work in process, finished goods, capital goods, equipments, wastes, and services. Parts of business logistic are export and import. Logisticians make certain that materials and information is imported at the time needed for production, and finished goods is exported in a more accurate and fast manner than competitors do.

The Needs of Skillful Logisticians

Every companies need skillful logisticians that make certain materials and information is provided at the time needed, including the export import reports. Logisticians shall be able also to monitor exports imports and to provide accurate reports of company’s exports and imports because stakeholders and government regulatory bodies such as Customs require access to more reliable exports - imports information within shorter periods of time.

Solution for Monitoring Export Import

[Training to Input Data Exports and Imports] IndonesiaCore® provides a specific solution completed with Information System software for companies to input data flow of goods from importing raw materials to exporting finished goods. It also includes training logisticians to deal with the data of flow of goods from imports to production processes and the data of flow of finished goods to exports. The result of our solution is accurate information of exports and imports conducted by company.

Classroom Training

Classroom training is ideally suited to employees who do not have any previous experience in inputting data flow of goods or services. The purpose of classroom training is to make a logistics employee familiar with our Information System software and practices of exports imports that needed to be processed onto the software.

Case Studies

Case studies go one step further than classroom training. Have your employee analyze and find solution for previous real-life import or export and production cases at your business. Exports, imports, and productions are the fundamental processes of business logistics.

Online Supervisions and Supports

Employees of your company allow to do her job and to make her own decisions, our helpdesk team only gives them constructive feedbacks about their previous inputs and reminds them how to input data flow of goods from imports to production and the data of flow of finished goods to exports.