Information System Software

IndonesiaCore® provides quality information system with affordable investment. We develop systems according to your business needs. various training sessions and helpdesk support enhance the ability of users in your business to use our information systems software.

Benefits of Information Systems for Your Business

Your company needs an IT-based information system to be able to analyze the market and formulate the right business strategy to win the competition in the market.

The information system must be in line with the company’s strategy and support the improvement of business performance. In many businesses, resilience and the ability to achieve strategic goals are difficult to achieve without the continued use of information technology.

There are five benefits of information systems for your business:

1. Improve operational excellence information systems help management to achieve higher operational efficiency and productivity. 2. Support the development of new products, services and business models information systems help management to analyze the potential that exists with existing products and services and existing businesses, so that management can decide on the development of existing products or services as well as the development of new products, services or businesses. 3. build relationships with consumers and suppliers Information systems allow you to interact with suppliers and customers and receive feedback or responses more quickly 4. Improved speed and accuracy of decision making By using information systems, managers can immediately allocate resources, inform customers about new product or service packages, and provide services quickly. 5. provide a competitive advantage increased efficiency and productivity, development of new products or business models, closeness to customers and suppliers, or faster decision-making processes are competitive advantages that your company can achieve when using information systems.

Information System Software According to Your Business Needs

Indonesia Core develops quality information systems and supporting software in a short time so that investment is affordable. Your and your partner’s participation in the development of information systems ensures that our systems can solve problems and meet your business needs.

The first stage of development that we do is analysis, where the purpose of the existence of information systems and software in your business must be determined and specifications for information systems and programs are determined. you and your colleagues certainly have an idea and an idea of the system needed in your company but do not know what kind of software program is appropriate. Our experienced analysts will recognize information systems and software specifications that are incomplete, ambiguous, or contradictory at this stage.

In the next stage, an IT-based information system is designed by a systems analyst by considering various programming logics. a team of analysts and designers work together a particular software to create the overall system design, including the output of the results when needed. then the program codes are implemented by the programming team by trying to meet all the technical specifications that have been formulated by the previous analyst.

The resulting software is then tested for its features and resistance to hacking actions. then the team installs at your company or at our place if it is in the form of a cloud system. The training team then conducts training in your company.