Monitoring Productions

IndonesiaCore® proposes ready-to-use and high quality Information systems softwares such as IT Inventory Systems for Customs, trainings and supervisions for users to input flow of raw materials from warehouse to production plant processed into work in process, finished goods and wastes, and to generate reports of productions.

Challenges of Monitoring Production

[Five Factors that Affect Production] Monitoring a manufacturing process involves attending to the individual phases of the process as well as to the flow of goods and materials through the different phases that must be coordinated to efficiently produce a quality product. In addition, a manufacturing supervisor must keep tight control of the inventory involved in a manufacturing process in the form of raw materials as well as finished goods waiting to be delivered.

Five Factors that Can Affect Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing process is a complex one that can be impacted by many factors: » supplies if supplies are not forthcoming as needed, the potential for shutdown or slowdown in the manufacturing process can result, » equipment a temporary malfunction or a breakdown in an intricate piece of equipment can affect the manufacturing process, » factory overhead a temporary shutdown of the power supply or lack of a steady water source can impact production, » the need for special parts disparities in quality of special parts may require multiple orders, resulting in delays or shutdowns of the manufacturing process, » the people who work at all points in the process sick days and vacations taken by key personnel must be figured into production to prevent a negative impact on manufacturing.

Solution for Monitoring Production

IndonesiaCore® provides a specific solution completed with Information System software for companies to input flow of goods from warehouse to production plant processed into WIP, finished goods, and or wastes. The results are accurate information of production plans and production results.

Keep Record of Productions

Keep records quantifying the different phases of the manufacturing process. Record the time it takes to perform each task and the number of units produced. Note variables that affect the amount of time it takes to perform different tasks.

Look for Bottlenecks in Manufacturing Processes

[Monitoring Production] Look for bottlenecks in your manufacturing process, or spots where work gets backed up. Re-evaluate your staffing schedule and equipment needs to alleviate these bottlenecks.

Keep Track of Inventories

Keep track of inventory to determine whether your staff has sufficient materials on hand to fill current orders. Also evaluate whether the the inventory of goods produced is adequate to meet demands.

Examine the Results

Examine the results to determine whether they meet company quality standards. If you find flaws, look for their source.