Work Collaboration

IndonesiaCore® provides ready-to-use and high quality Information systems softwares such as IT Inventory Systems to help you managing work collaboration with colleagues to report inventory of each products in your company: raw materials, work in process, finished goods, capital goods, office equipments, and wastes.

Key Factors of Work Collaboration

[Manage Work Collaboration ] Collaboration refers to the act of certain individuals working together as a team to perform tasks. Collaboration is the best option in order to do a project or to even start a business, however it is not as easy as it sounds.

Every individual has a specific set of mind that is different from the other individuals and it is not necessary that the mind set of two individuals is compatible and compatibility is a very important factor for effective collaboration.

Another factor that can be stated as the most important factor for effective work collaboration is the compromise. One must learn to compromise and accept the ideas of others.

Communication is also very important to make collaboration effective. The individuals must understand what the other person is trying to tell and must understand the meaning of the other person’s point.

Responsibility is another key factor. All the individuals working in the group must take their responsibilities seriously. Each one in the group must be responsible and must perform his duties assigned by the group mates responsibly.

Solution for Managing Collaboration

IndonesiaCore® provides a specific solution for companies to manage work collaborations while improving the accuracy of your company’s inventories report.

[Communication Types & Developing It] By following our training sessions you and colleagues can share ideas on how using our information systems on your workplace to improve the accuracy and speed of inventory reports.

There is module supervisor and directive on our information system which enables you, your colleagues, and your supervisors to communicate each other by receiving directives from supervisors and replying directives with concrete actions or reports.

Each user have specific priviledges to manage data on our information system. Few users can manage data totally, such as adding, editing, and deleting data. While, other users can only add or edit data. You and colleagues can coordinate and communicate each tasks that needed to be done together. Every actions that you or your colleagues do also recorded by information system. These priviledges and history of user activities keep you and colleagues to be responsible in managing data on the information system.