Work Effectively

IndonesiaCore® offers Information Systems that simplify the process of managing multiple items in one or more locations, tie purchases and sales to inventory counts, provide reliable and accurate reports based on data inputted in, and help your company establishing effective efficient working environment.

How to Create a Effective Working Environment with Information System

Various problems faced by companies such as inventory shrinkage, inaccurate sales reports, and ineffective work of employees can be handled by using information systems.

[Effective Working Environment with Information System] One of the biggest problems faced by companies is inability to count total inventories and record inventory movements. Information system shall be able to be used by employees effectively and efficiently to record various transactions associated with inventory management. These transactions include receiving inventory into the system, reducing inventory from usage either through sales or when its consumed for production and writing inventory off the balance sheet due to loss or damage. Most companies limit the personnel allowed to record inventory transactions. If done incorrectly it can lead to financial headaches and inaccurate inventory numbers.

There are several things a company can do to make working environment a effective one for personnels so that they can work effectively and efficiently and maintain accuracy and reliability of reports: » Group individuals to work together Group people in the same division to work together recording transactions, for example group 2 people in the production division to manage production data. » Identify priorities that needed to be done Uncover the most important objectives for each group so that personnels in each groups know what important things that needed to be done first amongst the unimportant things. » Effective communication and interaction Face-to-face, trainings, supervisions, discussions, and other modes of communication help to monitor group processes and dynamics, drive creativity and enable productive work practices

Solution for Creating Effective Working Environment

[Solutions for Creating Effective Working Environment] IndonesiaCore® provides a specific solution for companies to manage inventories and to support the creation of a effective working environment. For bonded zone and bonded warehouse companies there is iCore IT Inventory System software bundled with training packages, quick setups and data migration, and supervisions. There is also iKite IT Inventory System software that developed specifically for KITE companies.

Our solutions include consultation services with employees in creating effective working environments with the use of our information system. Our trainers provide answers and suggestions to your company in grouping individuals to work together, e.g. how to group 1-2 people in the Export-Import division to collect data related with import and export transactions and to input those data into specific information system that suggested by us. Our trainers can also identify process in your production lines, prioritize data related to inventory that needed to be inputted to information system, and summarize production data to be inputted into our information system. Sometimes it is hard for companies to decide which product that categorized as Work In Progress Products (WIP) or Wastes, and also hard to calculate total stock of WIP or Wastes in the specific period of time, that’s why our trainers also train employees to collect, calculate, and input data of those type of products. All of training sessions conducted in face-to-face environment so that employees and our trainers can interact and discuss ways to operate our information system effectively in their working environment, and our trainers can monitor group process and dynamics in following training sessions and in using information system that provided by us.